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Weekly-ish Wrap-up: February 24

Here we are, Friday. Hope your week was great!  Mine was crazy!

Deadline Met!

Don't know what it is about a deadline that's so potent for the creative process. Definitely some of it is the total immersion in story, the way you get to hold everything else at bay–making dinners, being polite, eating–because now you have a legit excuse to do reject anything that gets in the way of writing. 

But there's more to it.  I'm convinced my muse likes to stand back, pixie-arms crossed, smiling as she watches me flail at the computer, then wafts in at random (and usually late) hours, to whisper in my ear, “Silly, it goes like this…and then this…and then this,” and it all becomes clear. 

One thing I do know: there's no way I write stories. I discover them.  Because when I'm writing the wrong story, nothing works.  Then the pixie shows up and whooom.

King's Warrior Coming Tuesday!

Yay!!  I'm so excited about this launch of the Renegade Lords series, in KING'S WARRIOR.

This started as a long novella (under the title The King's Outlaw) in an anthology early last year.  As I wrote, I realized no way was this story complete (see above, about the fickle, obstinate muse).  Also, the anthology was all novellas, so I had to keep it short.

But I committed to write the whole thing one day. This is it!

It used to be 37K words. It's now over 80K.  And it's a big, scorching hot, historical romance thriller!! 

An Irish warrior on the run.

A simple woman caught up on a thrilling adventure of kings and counts and perilous secrets. 

Hot passionate sex against a wall (and other places).  Secret caves with outlaws and glittering treasure. A snowbound hut–yes, there is snowboundness I tell you!

  Can't wait to share it with you! See you Tussday!

Who's in the mood for a scorching hot historical romance thriller???