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Weekly-ish Update:April 28

Here we calmly are, the lot of us, approaching May at a measured, sedate pace– MAY?? It's almost May??


Writing on the contemporaries.  I have So Many Words written, but keep having to re-walk a tense line between romance & plot.  I want to write a BIG book, but then again…I don't.   My ‘big' plots are what slow me down in my historicals, so they're what I'm trying to pare down in my contemporaries.  But I'm a stubborn vegetable, and hard to pare.

A New Motto

If you gaze to the right –> (you probably didn't even notice that picture until now, right??) this is my new motto for writing this story, and all the coming ones, 'til I nail this essential element of the craft: simplicity.


Secret Projects

Working with a couple writer friends on secret projects. Will update as I'm able! 

(What kind of an ‘update' is that??  Shun me. Shun me hard.)


Print Proofs

Working on the print proof of King's Warrior, reading the story entirely different because it's 3-d, held open on on my lap with a glossy cover and paper pages.  I don't know why it's such a different experience, but it truly is. Do you find that to be true too?

Nothing Good or Interesting

I have nothing else good or productive or even vaguely interesting to report on. Did kids' baseball & helped with homework, had a sick kid home from school for a day, made dinners, occasionally showered, drank vodka…blah blah.  All the usual. You??

Hope your last week was awesome, and your coming one is even awesomer!

Let me know if you like my…motto.