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Claiming Her out in paperback!

The paperback version of

Claiming Her is ready for you! 

If you like reading paperback books, or just like to have them on the shelves to petting purposes, just time for the holidays…the paperback version of Claiming Her is out!

And it's so-o-o-o- pretty. 

See the pretty??


Cream paper, gorgeous font, the Renegades & Outlaws logos used for chapter breaks and scene breaks…so, so pretty. You're going to want a copy!  Maybe a perfect holiday gift for you or another historical romance-loving buddy??

The book is long–108K words of story + Author's Notes (and it was supposed to be a novella!) but it's still easy to hold, easy to read, and did I mention gorgeous??

The original cover shoot for the books, with those gorgeous tats on the was done by Jenn LeBlanc. One of her models spraypainted another model for the shoot, using an example I provided of the look of the tattoos.  Jenn also did the orignal cover.

Jaycee De Lorenzo of Sweet n' Spicy Designs did the full print version of the cover, and it's gorgeous. Did I already mention that?

Fun fact: The back cover image, underlying the text, features the ruins of Dunluce castle in Ireland, which is how I picture Rardove.  Like this:


The interior of the book, with the fonts & the logos ued as chapter breaks, etc was done by Amy Atwell, who owns Author EMS.  She had her work cut out for her, because this is a BIG book: 108K words, plus additional Author's Notes. I told her I wanted it to be affordable (i.e. not too many oages) and readable, and…you know the drill, gorgeous.  She did it!!  So, so pretty.

Look at some of the pretty:


The print version is slightly expanded from the original ebook version.  There were a couple scenes that were nagging at me, scenes I knew needed to be fleshed out more, and this was the time to do it.

I've updated the book version as well!  If you've already purchased the ebook, you can easily get this updated file.  Just go into your digital ebook dashboard (whether that's at Amazon, or BN, or iTunes, or Kobo) and have the updated version delivered to you.  If you have any questions, contact their customer support and tell them you know there's an updated file for Claiming Her, and you'd like it delivered to your device.

I hope you love!!

You can buy the paperback at

Amazon or direct from Createspace.


And if you prefer the digital book, here are your links!

Amazon | iTunes | GooglePlay | Nook | Kobo


Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and heartfelt Joy to us all!!






Help An Author Out...Plus a Kiss

Okay, girls, I'm gonna need a cover for the upcoming release of THE KING'S OUTLAW. Who wants to help??

 THE KING'S OUTLAW originally appeared in the anthology Captured by a Celtic Warrior.  

← Here's the cover from the antho. ←

It's HOT, and will be revised for this standalone release with some additional scenes of hotness and adventure, to make it worth your while.  

If you enjoy perusing images of hot guys & sexy clinch embraces, using your design eye &/or readerly “Oh, yeah, I'd buy that guy,” sensibilities, this is totally for you!

Just post any link(s) to image(s) you think are worthy of consideration in the comments. Nothing's off limits, and everyone's welcome! 

My only requirements are that it screams “medieval/knight” and “drop-to-your-knees sexy.” 

Feel free to share this far & wide with your romance reading buddies!  Got a photographer friend with warrior-esque shots in their portfolio? Pimp 'em like a pimp!

If we pick the image you suggest, you AND ANY 2 FRIENDS YOU WANT get a copy of the ebook!! Because this is all about helping each other out.

Tips: If you don't know much about searching for images…. Stock photo sites are usually the best places, like istockphoto, shutterstock, bigstock, fotolia, or dreamstime (all followed by .com) You can enter various search terms. Different sites allow different amounts of control over the parameters (such as controlling for the gender of models, or number of models, etc). Play around, and have fun!

Here's an excerpt from the first kiss of THE KING'S OUTLAW. One of my favorite kinds: the ruse kiss!


…There was nothing for it; he made his decision in a heartbeat.  

Sliding his hands up her arms, he spun her and almost flung her up against the side of the nearest building, then reached up and tore off her headdress.

“Good Heaven’s,” she cried, her hands flying up to capture the silky veil, but he already had it off and was tugging off her distinctive cloak next.

“Mon Dieu,” she gasped, grappling for the cloak, but he fisted it and the veil together in his hand, down by his hip, then stretched out an arm and planted his palm on the wall, blocking her face from the visitors now hurrying down the quay.

“Kiss me,” he ordered.

Her pale face tilted up, full of shock and confusion. “I beg your pardon?”

“Kiss me, then run.”


“If you kiss me, you’re a whore. If you stand there staring, you’re a merchant with a pouch of stolen seals in her hand.”

Magdalena looked down at the pouch, then up at him, into his beautiful, no-doubt criminal, eyes. Then she pushed on her toes and kissed him.

She could have done nothing more ill-advised.

She had barely touched her lips to his when he descended, his mouth hard and slanting. He plowed her open with teeth and tongue, exploring the depths of her wet mouth with sinful abandon.  There was no prelude, no warning, no kindness or care, no quarter given. She was a whore and he was having her.

He played the ruse exceptionally well.

Dizziness and heat swooped in for her like hunting birds, dispelling sense and reason and anything else that might have been of use to her at the moment. She could do nothing but cling to him, her hands around his neck, her head forced back, her spine cupped, her body…thrilling.

Madness. Madness, all.

The hand not holding her cloak and wimple closed around her hip and began to tug up her skirts. She made a feeble attempt to stop him, but his grip grew fierce, and he yanked on the gown, dragged it up the side of her leg until she felt cool air on her shin and calf.

Her head spun as if she’d been twirled like a top. Picked up by a bird and sent flying.

Her knees grew weak, but she did not break the kiss. She could not. He’d become a field of energy, the way a metal filing is pulled toward iron, or how one drop of water clings to another. She was affixed to his kiss, to his chest, which she’d somehow pressed up against, to his shoulders, which she’d somehow wrapped her arms around, to his tongue, which was tangled with hers, his hot male breath, his cunning male hand, his hard knee now making all manner of incursions between her thighs, and she, she, reveling in it.

This could not end well.


Or COULD  IT????

Have fun out there!

Research Madness

As I switch over to a WordPress site, I was looking back on the old blog, hosted on Blogger, & I realized I haven't shared any of my research madness with you for awhile.   What the heck…

Here's a cool research tidbit from the writing of THE KING'S OUTLAW, in my USA Today® bestselling anthology CAPTURED BY A CELTIC WARRIOR.

There’s a jeweled dagger running though all four of the stories in the anthology, and since my story was appearing first, I wanted to set up a compelling, exciting tale for the dagger all the girls would be using.

I knew I wanted to set THE KING’S OUTLAW during the Second Crusade–you know, King Richard the Lion-Heart, THE LION IN WINTER period? (Tangent: Who else loves that movie??)

Anyhow, as I started my research, seeking an exciting dagger story, I came across the Hashashin, the real, original Assassins.

The Assassins were part of a Nizari sect of Islam that formed in 11th century, lead by the “Old Man of the Mountain,” whose headquarters was Alamut Castle (“Eagle's Nest”) near what is now modern-day Tehran.

View from Alamut Castle


They were a military order, but conducted high-level espionage and political murders through one class of their order, the “fida'i.” These young men were highly trained in many arts and skills, from combat to linguistics to all manner of espionage techniques.

Although they did conduct highly public murders of high-ranking figures, they often worked covertly, in secret and quiet. They would assimilate into the towns and worlds around their targets, sometimes for months on end, and were immensely fond of daggers, sometimes poisoned, both as weapon and as threat.

Assassination of Nizamal-Mulk by a Hashshashin


One of many stories of their exploits: In 1092, the new sultan of the Seljuk empire, upon coronation, rebuffed a Hashashin (Assassin) ambassador.

Oops. Bad idea.

The sultan woke up one morning soon after with a dagger thrust into the ground beside his bed. He didn't say anything about it–who wants to announce a weakness like that??– but a little while later, a messenger from the Assassins arrived, saying, “Did I not wish the sultan well that the dagger which was struck in the hard ground would have been planted on your soft breast.”

Oky-doky then. Interestingly, decades of a ceasefire ensued after this incident.

Saladin, the Christian Crusaders most worthy opponent, was repeatedly targeted by the Assassins, and finally came to terms with them. Crusader leaders did the same. And Prince Edward, later to become King Edward I of England, was wounded by an Assassin's poisoned dagger in 1271 while crusading.

You can see why I started getting excited. What an amazing, dramatic real-life dagger story.

But wait, there's more!

In 1192, the period of THE KING'S OUTLAW, the Assassins attacked and killed the crusader prince Conrad of Montferrat, in a public garden, when surrounded by his guards, three days before his coronation as the King of Jerusalem.

Whoa. Story-time.

But wait…there's more! Rumors swirled that King Richard the Lionheart of England was the one who hired them to do the deed.


Sold. I'll buy the knife. This was exactly what I needed for THE KING'S OUTLAW.

A perfect, organic, dramatic background for the dagger in the Captured by a Celtic Warrior anthology.  I seized it.

Or rather, Tadhg O'Malley, my hard-core warrior, rather questionable hero seized it.  Took it and ran.  Now powerful, dangerous men are hunting him down, and he'll do anything to complete his mission.  Anything at all.

Kidnap an innocent merchant.  Use her.  Play her for a fool.  Ignite a raging passion.  Take her against a wall, with her begging for more.  Run away with her.  Then be forced to decide, in the end, if he has what it takes to protect her, against all the odds, at the cost of his mission,  his life, and the very throne of England.

The other stories in the anthology are by Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair, & Jennifer Haymore. 

Want to read more about the dagger and Tadhg, and all the other hard heroes and the women they fall for??  Check it out all on vendors now!

Amazon     iBooks      Kobo      Barnes & Noble/Nook