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Category: News

WTFery: Trademark on the word "Cocky" in romance

Well, here we go.

Authors, publishers, cover designers, and really, anyone in the…world should care about this.

The Story:

Many of you already know this, but a romance author has trademarked the word “cocky,” both as its specialized font, but also the word itself (i.e. a wordmark).

Please don't tell me she can't: she has. It's a done deal, was approved May 1.

Although titles cannot usually be trademarked (or copyrighted), one author who contacted the USPTO was told that a “likelihood of confusion clause” would probably apply, allowing them to not only apply the trademark to a SERIES titles, but BOOK titles too. 

This is an incredibly unsettling precedent, that someone can be granted the exclusive right to a COMMON USE word. Additionally, a word already used on a plethora existing book titles in the genre. 

This is insane. If other authors begin trademarking common use words–oh, say, “warrior” or “duke”–we will be left with nothing but prepositions in our titles. 

Equally important: this does not seem like a move designed to protect her own brand. 

It feels like a move to suppress competition.

That's not what trademarks are for.

She is in the process of issuing cease & desist letters to other romance authors, claiming they must change their titles, or they will be sued and they will owe her all their earnings.

She has indicated that this is “no big deal,” and should only take the authors “one day” to do.


We'll see what happens.


For your continued reading pleasure:

And/or, you can follow #cockygate, #freecocky, and similar threads on Twitter.


Unnecessary Things

Let's talk about shoes.

I have a lot of shoes.  Like, a lot. 

^^ Not me. First of all, my closet is way messier. And smaller. Although I do feel about this happy when I see all my unnecessary shoes.

There's an entire ecosystem of shoes on the bottom of my closet. Heels and straps and brightly colored footgear cover the floor of my closet like forest detritus ready for a night on the town.

This seems unnecessary for a writer who only goes out to walk the dog.

Once I decided the only way to claim all this shoe-goodness was to actually wear it, even if it wasn't the most appropriate setting.  

I was going to reclaim my shoes.  Be bold.  Different.  “Just do it, Kris,” I told myself.

Sadly, I do not always give good fashion advice.

I wore my favorite, funky, awesome pair of knee-high boots to a pumpkin patch.

They were shredded.  Honestly, I don't even know how that happened. It's not like pumpkins have teeth.  They don't attack.


I held onto those sweet, funky, awesome, shredded boots for a year before I threw them out. :weeps even now:

Lesson learned.  I think it's important to have unnecessary stuff that makes you smile.  But maybe don't wear it to a pumpkin patch.

If you have something you love, maybe even collect…perhaps, oh, I  don't know covet, but never get to use, let me know.  Maybe we can trade tips.

My tip: Never take your precious unnecessary things to a pumpkin patch. They bite.


Must Read Romance!

Honored to have DECEPTION named a ‘Must-Read Romance' for the year at USA Today's Happily Ever After!


Why you should read it: Kris Kennedy’s stories are always breathtaking. Intelligent. Humorous. And hot. Extremely hot. Kennedy writes historical romance featuring dark, dangerous situations with damaged, desperate characters guaranteed to hold your heart hostage…Deception is a droll, scorching, mesmerizing tale that will render you most reluctant to depart the 13th century.”


In other news…I'm writing.  You're shocked, I know. 

I was thinking back over the past year.  In 2017 I released 2 historicals (King's Warrior & Deception) and a contemporary romantic comedy (Bad Idea).  










Not bad, but I'm aiming for more in 2018.

Hope your '18 is starting out with a (good) bang and you're discovering people, situations, and BOOKS to love!