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Category: Chatting

Weekly-ish Update-Feb 14

A day early

Yes, my weekly-ish update is coming on a Thursday instead of a Friday, because I completely forgot what day Valentine's Day was.

I scheduled this post for Friday the 15th, bearing Happy Valentine's day greetings to you all, then woke up this morning and saw the real V Day deal. (I'm going to keep calling it V Day because typing out “Valentine's” all these times is making my autocorrect lose its mind: “Didn't I just correct this for you, sister?  Like, one line ago??”)

So, rather than deleting my V Day wishes for my beloved readers,, I'm bumping up the post date.

That, ladies, is flexibility. Forget yoga–just reschedule your blog post.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And look, here we are, at your V Day greetings!

Hope you have a good weekend!  It's a long one for many people in the States.  if you have off on Monday for President's Day, enjoy it.  If you do anything for V Day, have a blast.

If you don't do anything for V Day, enjoy your non-celebration because seriously…sometimes these kinds of days are hard.

Maybe a rollicking historical romance would help…?  With a big bad alpha hero on a mission… Maybe named Kier… Or Jamie Lost…. Or Tadhg…   Just sayin'!  

My V Day Text To Hubby

To be perfectly honest, the person who revealed it was V Day was my husband, via a text, wishing me a Happy V Day. 

I immediately texted back: “Aww, thanks NO FLOWERS, RIGHT??? They're expensive and they die and you work late so I won't get them till 9p and there's no sun to come in the window and bathe them in an ambient glow anyhow, not in this crummy, rain-soaked corner of the world so NO FLOWERS. Happy V Day, babe!” 

Romance Writers in the Real World. Scary bunch.

Got any sweet or funny V Day texts between you and your Significant Other?? Post 'em below!

Working on a Rom Com

Working on a contemporary romance right now, then diving back into the next in the Renegade Lords series!  I think it's Rowan's story.

I have a dog

Okay, this isn't news. I've had a dog for a long time. Like, 15 years long.  But here she is, 15 years ago, when we brought her home.

Honestly…that's all I've got

There you go. My life is boring as hell in a social media way.  If you've got anything exciting going on, I'm all ears. Like those sweet or funny V Day texts…

Otherwise, here's to hot, hard men who know what they want and puppies who drink from hoses and don't see flowers dangling over their heads, but when they do see them, eat them right up.

Veering Wildly: Citizens United

I'm going off brand today. 

On this, the 8-year anniversary of the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, which recognized corporations as having the same rights as individuals, and agreed that money = speech, and thereby removed all limits on corporate special interest spending, which helped create the cesspool of Congress that is stinking to the high heavens right now, I wrote all my Congressional representatives today to ask them to sponsor/co-sponsor bills to overturn that ruling.

I've posted a copy of my letter below. If you're inclined to do the same, feel free to use any language that works for you.  You can find contact info for your reps here:

The House:

The Senate: (scroll down for list of senators)

My letter to my senators (revised slightly when I sent to my House Rep. Note: All my reps are Democrats):


I’m fully disgusted with Congress.  Senate Bill 335 passed back in September, and now the reprehensible tax bill has passed. It has to end.  

It’s time for Democrats be proactive not reactive.  Be a force people can actually rally behind, because you have a platform and set of issues that make them feel hope and agency.

That is why I’m asking you to sponsor and recruit co-sponsors for a bill to overturn Citizens United.  The House currently has a measure that is, of course, languishing. ( Back in 2014, California had a state bill that could also serve as a model (

Please do this thing. To the extent such a position would serve the Democratic Party as a platform issue people can rally behind in 2018 and onward, it has value.  But as I believe representatives should serve their state first, not their party, it would be good for the citizens of MY STATE. 

Fwiw, this is why I chose ‘Economy & Jobs' as a the topic, because it would have a direct and measurable effect on how legislation is influenced & passed, and be a curb on corporate influence.  Congress is there to be, in ways, a ‘union' for the people, because as individuals, we do not have the power business has.  Please be our bulwark against the power of corporations to shape our nation

Thank-you for considering this. Please do not respond with a form note.  I'd rather you use you and your staff's time & energy to co-sponsor this bill and help move it forward.

I’m well aware there will not be much (any) support for it now, but it has a secondary purpose: it’s a big, visible and coalition-building issue.  It's time for the Democrats to DO SOMETHING, something noticeable and agitating and meaningful, and this issue has cross-over appeal to Trump voters and the lost Bernie voters, and could be an incredibly potent rallying point.


Must Read Romance!

Honored to have DECEPTION named a ‘Must-Read Romance' for the year at USA Today's Happily Ever After!


Why you should read it: Kris Kennedy’s stories are always breathtaking. Intelligent. Humorous. And hot. Extremely hot. Kennedy writes historical romance featuring dark, dangerous situations with damaged, desperate characters guaranteed to hold your heart hostage…Deception is a droll, scorching, mesmerizing tale that will render you most reluctant to depart the 13th century.”


In other news…I'm writing.  You're shocked, I know. 

I was thinking back over the past year.  In 2017 I released 2 historicals (King's Warrior & Deception) and a contemporary romantic comedy (Bad Idea).  










Not bad, but I'm aiming for more in 2018.

Hope your '18 is starting out with a (good) bang and you're discovering people, situations, and BOOKS to love!