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England, 1215: Rogue Warriors

He's a black-hearted knight on a mission for the king.  She’s the only thing standing in his way.

Jamie Lost is King John's most feared lieutenant sent to kidnap an enemy troublemaker before rebel forces close in.

After a lifetime of brutal hardship, he's the perfect knight for the job: cold as ice and ruthlessly determined.

The mission is simple. There’s only one thing standing in his way.


Jamie knows she’s trouble the moment he sees her. But he never expects the true danger of this dark-haired waif is she will awaken the heart he never thought he had.

Armed with nothing but a small blade and secrets that can bring down a kingdom, Eva has no intention of letting Jamie succeed in his quest.

She’s determined to protect the ‘troublemaker,’ even if it costs her life. Danger lies everywhere, especially in the blue-eyed warrior showing far too much interest in her activities.

But Jamie’s true peril is not the a wickedly sharp sword he carries, but the powerful longing he ignites within her body…and her heart.  

Soon Jamie and Eva are locked in a mortal game of one-upmanship, the merciless knight and the exiled waif.

With both their missions poised the brink of failure, can they join forces to save England–and their broken hearts? 

You'll love this sexy historical romance because it's a seriously epic road romance with a big bad alpha hero and the woman who brings him to his knees.


Publishers Weekly Starred Review

National Readers' Choice Award, Best Historical Romance of the Year



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