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King's Warrior

Book 1: Renegade Lords

His plan was heartless, ruthless, and simple. Until he met her.

Irish warrior Tadhg is an outlaw on the run.

He has a single mission: escape with the legendary dagger of King Richard before a brutal nobleman hunts him down.

Trapped and almost cornered, Tadhg has a simple, ruthless plan: plant his contraband on an innocent merchant widow with long hair and complicated eyes.

Then abduct her and use her as camouflage to escape.

Igniting a raging passion is not part of his plan…

…Neither is falling in love.

Magdalena knows she should be terrified by the dark-eyed stranger who charms her with his wit and cuts down soldiers with deadly grace , but all she feels is excitement as he drags her deeper into his perilous mission–and grand adventure.

Near-misses and raging hot passion abound as they outwit their pursuers, forging a connection that melts the icy wall around Tadhg's war-torn heart.

But when his enemies close in, will he choose the mission of a lifetime, or the brave, passionate woman who's stolen his heart?

You'll love this hot historical romance because Tadhg is a mission of a lifetime, until Magdalena becomes the mission of his heart.

USA TODAY “Must Read Romance”

Part of the Rogue Warriors collection

First in the new Renegade Lords series.

Note: Hero's name is pronounced /Tie-g/  Say it like you would the beginning of ‘tiger.'

King's Warrior Read an Excerpt Author’s Notes-King’s Warrior Behind The Scenes