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Editing Services

Feeling stuck? 

Is your story ‘almost there,’ but you sense something’s lacking? 

Do you have a great premise, but not sure if you’re nailing it? Do you have a million great scenes, but they’re just not threading together cohesively?

Ready to roll?

Or maybe you’re ready to submit your story to editors and agents, or release it into the wilds as an indie self-publisher.

No matter where you’re at, I can help with intensive developmental editing.

Developmental edits involve looking at both ‘big story’ arcs as well as scene-by-scene progression and beats. 

I read with an eye for arcs for both the hero & heroine, for the romance conflict, and for plot (no one understands how hard romance writers work). I also read for tension, characterization, conflict, and pace.

I balance ‘voice’ with story, so I won’t be trying to change your story into something it’s not.

Instead, I’ll be working to help you uncover it. Dig deep, chisel away at it until you find its white hot core.

We can work together at any stage of the writing process.

Whether it’s after your first draft or when you’re ready for a final polish, I can help.

I tend to provide loads of inline comments, as well as suggestions on how to implement the ideas, should they resonate. 

I always include at least a page (usually more) of separate notes, summarizing the inline feedback in a bullet-point fashion.  If there’s particular feedback you’re looking for, let me know beforehand and I’ll focus there.

Editing for ‘story’ rather than proofreading

These are developmental edits. Officially, I don’t do copy-edits or proofreading or fact-checking, but rest assured, I’ll point out anything I see or have questions about.


As a bonus, I’m available for 2-3 follow-up emails afterward if you need, to help you integrate the new ideas and craft your masterpiece.

Why Choose Me

I’m an author, and I love romance.  So I get it. I know what it’s like to write it, and I know what it’s like to read it.

I also work really hard. I’m relentless with my own stories, and so I will be with yours too.  Come on, it’ll be fun!

Someone told me I better put in my awards and such, to prove to you I know what I’m doing, so here’s me, doing that uncomfortable bit.

My books have:

Been named “Must Read Romances”by USA TODAY’s Happily Ever After site. (King’s Warrior, Claiming Her, Deception)

Won RWA’s Golden Heart Award (The Irish Warrior)

Won Romantic Times’/RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for Best Historical Romance Hero of the Year (Deception)

Received multiple starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly

Been consistently placed on Best Of lists

But as much as I love writing romances (both historical & contemporary), I also love editing and digging into the craft with other writers. I just love…Story.

I’d love to help you with yours.


I charge $.008/word (for a 50K romance, that’s $400.)


I’m pretty quick with turn-around. When you book, we’ll come up with a schedule that works for both of us.

-> Drop me a line via the contact form and let’s get started! <-


Bonus #2:
A gift for you!

Whether or not you decide to use me, I’ve got an AWESOME beat sheet I’m happy to share with romance writers. 

Some people disdain the romance genre, but seriously, we have to do triple duty as story craftsmen. We’re balancing two arcs (for both main characters), as well as a romance arc, plus the regular old plot arc. 

As far as I’m concerned, we’re all utterly astonishing and deserve scepters and tiaras.

So, here’s a little gift for you, a beat sheet integrating the main ‘regular’ story beats with romance arc.  Have fun!

-> let’s get started! <-