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About Kris

Pictured: My dog, Sadie — because she is way cuter than me.

I used to work in an office, write a lot of reports, have a lot of clients.   I also used to cut out early whenever I could, to write down the stories that kept coming to me.  I’d been known to turn the car around mid-commute, to rush home and write down ideas rushing through my mind, before they disappeared into the mists again. 

Now I write big, sweeping, super sexy romantic adventures full time.  Well, part time. Whenever I’m not mom-ing. Which is an adventure all its own…

I write stories set in the wild and windswept middle ages.  Hard heroes. Smart heroines. Big adventures.  Mayhem. Villains. Grand love stories.  Loads of sexytimes.

Did I mention the sexytimes?

The stories have won many awards, from RWA’s Golden Heart(R) Award, to the National Readers’ Choice Award, to Romantic Times’ Magazine K.I.S.S Award for Best Historical Hero of the Year. They’ve received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and been featured on many ‘Best Of The Year’ lists.

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